Leveraging impact through technology

We are building companies that contribute towards how people live, move and work in the future.

Our Focus Areas

Rethinking central building blocks of a good life for all.

There are increasingly more humans on earth. They become older, move to cities and their jobs get automated through robots and algorithms. All these megatrends result in the fact that we need to radically rethink how we live, move and work in the future.


Reinventing Houses & Places

Megatrends: Urbanization & Sustainability

By 2025, more than 70% of the global population will live in cities. Current Megacities are neither sustainable nor do they provide the aesthetics and flexibility that future generations want. Consequently, we need to find ways to ensure the comfort and conveniences of a metropole inside and outside of it. We work on solutions that reimagine how and where people live, putting humans in the centre.

Reinventing Housing & Places


Upgraded Mobility & Transportation

Megatrends: Growing Demand & Individualization

Technology creates an unprecedented opportunity for the masses to tap into societal and economic progress. It allows for simpler and cheaper solutions to be created that can be rapidly and globally adopted. Within this focus area, we work on greener and more personalised transportation offers. The need for more environmentally friendly, resilient and comfortable ways to move around will persist and meet emerging technologies that can fulfil it. The future of mobility and transportation is shared, electric and automated.

Reinventing Mobility & Transportation


Meaningful Work

Megatrends: Remote Work & Mental Health

Several cutting-edge technologies are ripe to collectively disrupt the creational capabilities of humankind. Smart machines offer completely new ways of production and value creation. They also enable us to redefine what we call “work”. Humans are elevated to creative and social beings who need new tools and environments to create. We are working on them.

New Work & Mindfulness

Our companies fulfill the following criteria:

  • Our products and services empower the masses!
  • We build B2B(2C) marketplaces & platforms.
  • We focus on crowd & platform enabled business models

Our products and services are human-centred and technology-friendly.

We see technology as the crucial mean to scale the impact of our solutions.

We build with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Our companies rethink systems, addressing fundamental needs of the masses and we need be convinced that our solutions will be relevant in 10+ years.

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Our Companies

New Work and Remote Digital Life

Emma Wanderer

Europe’s platform enabling remote work and flexible living for nature-loving minds.

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With Emma Wanderer we are building a platform that capitalizes on several mega trends and a rapidly growing market:

  • 55 % of businesses globally offer remote work.
  • Global co-working space usage is up 48 % with 5 mio co-workers expected in 2022.
  • + 12 % growth with camping overnight stays in EU, at a yearly total of 420 mio nights.
  • The global market for co-living holds a tremendous opportunity of € 7.5 billion.
Housing Startup trive

Power of the Many in Housing

Our next project will focus on the housing market, where countless inefficiencies are present. This project, which is still in stealth mode is focused on bringing fairness and more options to renters & buyers in the real estate market.

  • Increasingly fewer people can afford to buy their own homes.
  • Rent prices are driven up by several dynamics in the market.
  • Options to break out of these cycles are so far limited. We try to change that.