Founder / Entrepreneur (f/m/x)

Who we are

trive is a startup studio rethinking the building blocks of how people live, work and move in the future. Our team invests time, experience and money in impactful & relevant ideas and enables movers & shakers around the world to pursue their passions. What is a startup studio? If you don’t know, read our blog.

Your role & responsibilities

You will launch, build and lead one of our next ventures. This will be YOUR company to run autonomously, but we’ve designed a program that gives you the best chance of success. We will provide you with a vetted business idea, introduce you to several talented professional co-founders, and fund you with € 500k of pre-seed investment. We’ll then provide you with the right guidance, playbooks and processes to build the product and grow the company. You will also become part of an active community of entrepreneurs in our portfolio who are tackling similar challenges in other industries.

What you need to succeed

We are looking for co-founders to launch and lead highly ambitious companies. While we work with talented founders of all backgrounds and levels of experience, we will be particularly impressed by people who display the following traits:

  • Huge ambition to build a high-growth company

  • Leadership and communication ability

  • Vision and strong beliefs about the future

  • Successful business or technical experience

  • Broad product and tech culture

  • Willingness to join the startup rollercoaster.

What you'll get

  • Business Idea. We provide you with a thoroughly researched business idea and business model with a high probability of success, assuming effective execution.

  • Expertise. We kickstart your company by supporting you with people power in Marketing, People, Finance, etc. so that you are enabled to go further and faster.

  • Unfair advantages. We increase your chance of success by supporting you with up to € 500k of pre-seed funding.

  • Real Ownership. A fair share in our venture to ensure that we are real “co-founders” and your voice is heard throughout the journey.

Apply to find your future team and be a part of our community of talents!

How to apply

  • We would love to hear from you! Make sure to include your CV and/or LinkedIn

  • No motivation letter required (we also dislike them!) but let us know briefly about your idea or what type of industries/topics are interesting for you

  • The expected salary for this role is EUR 3.000 gross monthly. Please note, founders should not be incentivised by the salary but by the substantial shares in the company.

  • Start Date: Anytime

  • Please note that for this position we only accept applicants with a valid working permit in the EU.

Reach out via and get in contact whenever you have any questions. We would love to hear from you!