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We are a startup studio that builds great companies from idea to scale. At scale.

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There are increasingly more humans on earth. They become older, move to cities and their jobs get automated through robots and algorithms. All these megatrends result in the fact that we need to radically rethink how we live and work in the future.

Focus Areas
Reinventing Housing & Places

Rethinking Urbanisation

Urbanisation & Sustainability

As more and more people are moving to larger cities, we need to find better and sustainable solutions to how we live together. Here, we put human needs and environmental limits at the centre.

Reinventing Mobility & Transportation

Upgraded Mobility & Transportation

Growing Demand & Individualisation

New forms of mobility will create more convenient and sustainable ways to move. Electric transport will be faster, cheaper, and better available for a wide audience.

New Work & Mindfulness

Meaningful Productivity & New Work

Remote Work & Mental Health

Several cutting-edge technologies are ripe to collectively disrupt the creational capabilities of humankind. We are working on them technology-friendly but human-focused.

from idea to scale

The Building Process

We are building startups following a proven approach.


The studio team immerses itself in problems and challenges, constantly observes the market. We also work together with the community to ideate for the problems we work on.


Relevant solutions for the respective focus area(s) of the studio are being ideated. Also here, we count on our community.


The team tests every idea in detail for its market and disruption potential. Most ideas are discarded.


The core team of the studio starts to build the business (tech, business & design) and starts to search for external co-founders who take over.


After a co-development phase, the startup becomes independent of the studio. The studio keeps a percentage of the shares.

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Focus Areas
New Work and Remote Digital Life

Emma Wanderer

Europe’s platform enabling remote work and flexible living for nature-loving minds.

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With Emma Wanderer we are building a platform that capitalizes on several mega trends and a rapidly growing market:

  • 55 % of businesses globally offer remote work.
  • Global co-working space usage is up 48 % with 5 mio co-workers expected in 2022.
  • + 12 % growth with camping overnight stays in EU, at a yearly total of 420 mio nights.
  • The global market for co-living holds a tremendous opportunity of € 7.5 billion.
Housing Startup trive


Our next project will focus on bringing more convenience and power to urban citizens.The project is still in stealth mode but it circles around some challenges of urbanisation:

  • Local stores are under pressure to match the convenience and experience of top-notch online offerings.
  • The pandemic still poses a threat, especially where the population is dense. Meeting basic needs requires safer options.

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We are movers & shakers, deeply immersed in the startup ecosystem.

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Trive team martin sirlinger

Martin Sirlinger


Fundraising & Partnerships

Lena Hödl

Venture Architect

Idea Sourcing & Community

Trive Team Andre Schweighofer

Andre Schweighofer

Venture Architect


Alina Regal

Legal Lead

Fundraising & Corporate Law

Andy Jaritz Emma Wanderer

Andreas Jaritz

Entrepreneur in Residence

Emma Wanderer

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